Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Why Decorative Moldings?

Imagine wearing a well-made suit with a pair of sneakers, or a beautiful gown with ungroomed hair. This is exactly how I believe a home looks without moldings. The proper moldings give your home the beauty and grace it rightly deserves.

Depending on design, ceiling height, and other factors, there are a whole host of decorative moldings that can enhance the look and value of your investment, much more than you might realize. The right proportioned crown molding does wonders for a room's appearance, while the right sized baseboards compliment the crown and add to the total visual appearance. Sometimes a chair rail is just the right touch to complete and balance the appearance of a room. Bead boards also can be a major improvement. I have applied certain wood panels with trim inserts on walls, which give the appearance of recessed panels, the type you may have seen in those big old beautiful home built in the 1920s and 30s.

Well, there are many ways and techniques to spruce up a dull and boring room; above are just a few ideas. It is fun seeking and finding the right look just for your home, Once you do, and you see the fruits of your labor, you will always be happy with your decisions. Enjoy imagining and doing all you can do to bring your home, your castle, to its fullest potential.

I will provide pictures on my site of some finished products, before and after, so you can see and decide for yourself, what to do and how to proceed. Have fun!!!!!